Why You should do New Year's Resolution Activities with Your Students

Why Should You Do New Year's Resolutions with your Students?

January is a great time to re-establish routines and procedures as well as set new goals.  

Studies show that when students take ownership of their learning by setting goals they perform better.

To re-engage students in learning you can have them create new goals or revisit ones they made at the beginning of the year.

The first week back after a long break can be a challenge with wanting to review expectations and ease students back into learning.

Fun and engaging activities are just what you need to return students to school and these New Year's Resolution activities incorporate both.

Whether you teach primary or upper grades setting new goals and making a plan is always a good idea.

With younger children, you can discuss what a goal is. Defining the word goal in kid-friendly language will also help students take ownership of what you are doing.

Of course, you can't just set the goal and leave it. It should be revisited. The New Year's Resolution student craftivities showcased allow students to do just that. It is something they can look back on years from now and remember setting goals and be able to see if they reached them.

If you would like the 1-3 New Year's Resolution Student Craftivity you can use this link HERE. 
If you would like the 4-5 New Year's Resolution Student Activity you can use this link HERE.

Grab either now and have your first day back at school activity ready to go!



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