Getting Started With Seesaw

Seesaw is THE platform for distance learning! I used this when I taught first grade and loved it after seeing it at ISTE. The capabilities are amazing! It has grown so much in the two years since then it's even better with a free resource library and endless PD and Facebook support!

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a digital space or portfolio which collects students’ work digitally. You can also take pictures and upload physical work to share with families! I love doing this with writing samples! Hello easy organization and no more file folders!
This is especially handy come Parent Teacher Conference Time!

It’s a space that each of your students can use individually. It has built in tools to make it easy for your students to use. It is also equipped with a parent communication tool that parents can utilize. It includes options like sharing what’s going on in your classroom and time tracking to make school-home simple.

How Does Seesaw Work?

Using the Seesaw tools, students can login and create their own posts. Teachers can access these new posts and approve them. These posts will be organized in the student’s journal and parents or guardians may be able to see and access the child’s work. The Seesaw tool may also be used to for communication and feedback. 

Benefits of Seesaw

  • It empowers and motivates the students to document and save their works and their learnings.
  • It develops the student’s creativity and critical thinking skills. 
  • It is convenient and saves a lot of time in terms of sending assessments, feedback, webinars and newsletters.
  • It also creates and builds a strong foundation of communication between the students and the teachers as well as the parents and guardians.
  • It highlights the growth and personal development of each student.
  • It enhances and teaches students to adapt in a modern yet moderated and safe learning environment.

How to use Seesaw

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Download the Seesaw app on your device launch the app or go to their website

Then create your FREE account!

You can scan this QR code and get an extra month FREE of Seesaw Plus

Or if it is easier just click this link HERE.

Once you’ve signed in as a teacher, upload your professional looking picture, on your profile and include a few information about your classroom and the goals you want to attain for the year and you can already begin teaching. You will then begin to set up your class you can do this by clicking on the wrench shaped icon in the corner.

There you can add student names and info.

Above is what your teacher control panel looks like to access activities, create or add new ones, communicate with parents and see connected skills for standards based learning.

How does SeeSaw help with Parent Communication?
I love that my daughter's teacher jumped on the Seesaw bandwagon when she was in first grade (after attending my Seesaw PD at a district even haha) and I loved it even more when she got to have the same teacher for second grade! I can say from both a parent and teacher standpoint Seesaw is a fabulous learning tool!

Seesaw provides custom letters for students to take home that make it SO easy for parents to join Seesaw with the Family app! The letter even comes in different languages great for ESL and ELLs!

The green plus button is your go to for posting student work, assigning activities, creating new activities and sending parent announcements! You have the control over posting student content.

Few things you can do with Seesaw:

  1. Explain a math problem and help a student solve a problem using the in app drawing tool. 
  2. Share an interest in a topic.
  3. Record a story and share it via in app audio feature.
  4. Record a video of your storytelling or a science experiment and explain it via in app video feature.

You can see quickly who has responded to an activity and who hasn't!

For a more in depth tutorial on how you can integrate your teachings into Seesaw, you can join their webinars here:

You can even add stickers to work in Seesaw! If you're ready to do that check out this blog post HERE

If your district uses Clever and has QR codes Seesaw can be added to clever.
My first graders logging on the very first week of school! My advice is to just dive in and try it!

If you are in a rush and want preloaded activities you can check out mine on TPT!
I have them for CVC words HERE
and CVCE words HERE
more to come soon!

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