What are Boom Cards and How do I use them in my Classroom?

Looking to increase your score on your evaluations for using technology, student engagement and well achievement? Look no further. My students beg for it and even my own kids like to use them. They have every grade and subject. Are you ready for it? Boom Cards. Haven't even heard of Boom Cards? Well, grab a drink and start reading! I'm here to share the best resource I've found for digital learning via laptops, ipads even kindle e readers!

What are Boom Cards? 
Boom is a platform that allows teachers to purchase and/or create digital activities for students. Boom “decks” are made up of individual, digital task cards for students to complete. 

What are the Benefits of Using Boom Cards?  
  • self correcting - save time grading
  • paperless - save those copies and perfect for distance learning
  • easy to differentiate - assign decks to whole class, group or individual
  • great for automatic feed back - automatically tells students if they are wrong or right
  • motivating - students enjoy earning badges and seeing their progress 
How do I use them for my students? 
The first thing you need is to sign up for an account with Boom Learning.
UPDATE during COVID 19 Pandemic - they are giving away free Ultimate Accounts through June. This includes 8 classes 200 students and allows you to make and sell/share decks.
This is the account that I have to sell Boom Cards. CLICK HERE to sign up for your free account. 

Ok What else? 
The only other things you need are: 
  • Internet access
  • Computer, Tablet, Phone or Interactive Whiteboard with internet browser that is 3 years old or less 
  • OR the FREE Boom App
Where can I or my students access or download Boom?  

Ok What else?The only other things you need are: 
All you need is Internet access, computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard with internet browser that is 3 years old or less or the FREE Boom App.

Can I still use Boom Cards once my free trial is up? 
YES! Absolutely!
Once you’re logged into your Boom teacher account, go to “Library,” find the deck you want students to use, click on “FastPin” and select “Generate New Pin.”You then have two options:1: Copy and paste the complete link for students to play, or…2: Go to the Boom main page (boomlearning.com) on a computer (or on the Boom app). Click on the “FastPlay” button. Enter the pin and click “play.”Important: A pin is valid for 5 days. After the 5 days are up, you can absolutely still access the cards, but you’ll need to generate a new pin for students to use.

Can I use Boom Cards on an ipad? Yes
Can Boom Cards be used in Google Classroom? Yes Boom integrates very well with Google Classroom!
Are Boom Cards compatible with Seesaw? Yes you can share fast play links!

I really hope this give you the confidence to try Boom Cards!
If you are ready to dive in and are a kindergarten teacher I have a bundle of short vowel CVC Word Cards that you can purchase by clicking on the picture of the cover below.

Distance Learning Boom Card Short Vowel CVC Word Bundle

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