3 Ways to Encourage Better Attendance!

Hiya! Is attendance a focus in your school district? It is a HUGE focus in mine!  My current school has struggled with attendance in the past and I have found that upper grades are more of a struggle than the lower ones.   My principal came to me and asked me to research some things to encourage attendance school wide so I came up with a few things we have implemented to help increase our attendance. So I have 3 ways to encourage attendance in your class or school! Use one, two or all of them!

The first thing I implemented was tracking attendance in our Data Notebooks.  I use Data Notebooks to track all kinds of things and set goals so Attendance is just one more thing we track and set goals for. In upper grades students are more capable of taking ownership of their attendance even if their parents aren't.

This is part of my data tracking sheets resource on TPT that  you can find HERE!

The second idea was a school wide attendance trophy with a small incentive for each child in the class.

The trophy was donated from a local shop and was open so we could add small snacks or rewards. Here is ours the month we won! This could be announced monthly weekly, for best attendance or even most improved!

The third activity I did was printing PERFECT ATTENDANCE on pieces of red paper and every day that everyone was here I added a letter until we spelled it out and the class received an award something free like lunch in the classroom or extra recess. They loved this and it cost me nothing!

For this activity and more attendance resources click the cover below to go to my TPT store and snag awards, incentives and more!


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