Great Simple Anchor Charts for the Real Classroom

What are Anchor Charts

If you are new to teaching or even if you aren't you might have heard the term "anchor charts". What is an anchor chart you may be thinking.

Anchor charts are more than a chance to show off your artistic abilities they should truly anchor student's learning. They should be made at least partially with students and be up for students to reference while learning about a topic. They can also be used for data tracking and classroom management. 

Here are just a few of mine.
Upper Grades Literacy Rotation expectations. In lower grades I had a chart for each.

When is it ok to interrupt the teacher? - Answer NEVER

Displaying on focus wall - abandoning book upper grades

upper grades just right book

Ask and Answer Questions

Synthesizing overview

Synthesizing Smoky Night - interactive anchor chart with student sticky notes over course of reading the book

Interactive Olive the Other Reindeer Character, Setting Problem Solution

Character Traits inside and outside with Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Making deep connections.

Phonics - two vowels go walking

Bossy R Phonics

One of my favorites! Phonics OU OW vowel with bandaids!

Writing - revising and editing colors.

Beginning of the year upper grades Student input what do you need to be successful?

How do you feel - emojis!

Behavior management - does it cause a problem?

Guest or substitute teacher Miss Nelson is Missing

Data Tracking

Interactive Share Your thinking, exit ticket, quick check, formative assessment!

Topic, Main Idea, Supporting Details

KWL focus topic Moon tied to ELA fiction and nonfiction Kitten's First Full Moon and the Moon book by Gail Gibbons.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Scientific Explanation and Argumentative Writing upper grades

100th Day Ms. Miller shouldn't have to say!

Fruit - persuasive writing 1st grade, the best fruit is!

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