Definition of a Syllable and Tricks for Teaching

Anyone else have a SUPER hard time teaching syllables because they have trouble hearing them personally?!?! This is the hardest thing for me to teach/work on with my groups! The clapping business doesn't work for me! 

Here's my surefire trick! I have to say it with my hand under my chin and count my chin drops! One of my dear Kindergarten teaching partners taught me that and it saves me all the time! Several of my students can only figure out syllables that way as well! 

The reason this works is that vowels cause your mouth to open and therefore your chin to drop... and since every syllable has a vowel every time your chin drops it's another syllable!

Syllables fall under Phonemic Awareness "The ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in spoken words, and the understanding that spoken words and syllables are made up of sequences of speech sounds" (Yopp, 1992)

I teach students that - "A syllable is a word or part of a word with one vowel sound". We say this all the time. Students must understand the concept or definition of a syllable before they can begin to identify types of syllables.

I have a Syllables pack with 4 different activities to practice this difficult for some concept in a variety of ways.
First students see a picture and word say it and circle the number of syllables. This is more phonics since the word is printed for them.

There is a fun syllable graphing activity that incorporates a bit of math!

 This pack is perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade and is Common Core Aligned. 
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