7 Diverse Books to Share with Students

Who am I to be writing about diverse reads you might ask? Well I'm an adopted child of a Spanish speaking Jew who grew up super poor in small town Midwest. My mother was from Chicago so she raised me to be culturally aware. She borrowed musicals (for free from our amazing town library) since we couldn't afford to go to the theater. I grew up listening to latin music and learning about other cultures. My uncle her brother lived all over the world and would send me post cards and trinkets from around the world. Yall in my small town quoting Le Mes I was a freak! And while I am not a person of color nor do I even pretend to know the struggles and challenges they have faced I am an ally of culture.
I have always appreciated other cultures and was raised to embrace them. I have always tried to bring that appreciation into my classroom. One of my favorite ways to do that is using Children's Books of course! Sadly this infographic from 2015 shows how lacking children's literature is in diversity.
An Updated Look at Diversity in Children's Books | School Library ...

However here are seven that I have found and used in my classroom.
The Newest Book in my collection that just came out! It is perfect for the beginning of the year and starting off the year right with an all inclusive classroom.

An oldie but a goodie from Eve Bunting talking about homelessness. This isa big issue in my city not necessarily not having a home (though we have that too) but living with family and living with random people or children who are left at our local children's home.

I absolutely love this book having been a child who desperately wanted to change her not so common name. I actually have a unit that goes along with this book in my TPT store if you're interested you can click HERE. But in this book Unehi is new to America from Korea and she feels like she should change her name because no one can say it. The story is sweet and relatable.

This is a great book for all children because they often want "those shoes" in someway. It has great tie ins to social studies with needs and wants.

I have loved this book for ages! It has so many good teaching pints and skills that you can use to teach with it but it's adorable and relatable for all kids.

This Mem Fox book is beautifully illustrated and talks about how all across the world children look and sound different but they do many things that are the same.

This is another of my all time favorites that I use to teach social studies concepts. A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams is a sweet story of a hispanic family that saves for a new chair.

I hope you like these suggestions and check them out! Any that I should add? Let me know in the comments.
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