5 Places to find Affordable Teacher Clothes

If you've been following my teacher clothes series this is the final post. If not go back and check out the first two posts.
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These are my 5 favorite stores to buy cute comfortable teacher clothes from. I will break it down and share what I get from each store and why I like them.
1. Maurices - This store has been a favorite of mine since HIGH SCHOOL. Yes they have seen me through so much. I love my local Maurices girls. They have helped me choose interview outfits, vacation clothes and more. If you shop there regularly it will pay off literally. They have a FREE rewards program that you earn rewards for shopping there. It is more with the credit card but I'm not saying you should do that. Just know it's an option. My favorite items from Maurices are jeans, pull on dress pants, shoes, accessories, cute tops and swing dresses especially their 24/7 collection, interview clothes, cute dresses, colored jeggings, you get the idea. A very large portion of my wardrobe is from Maurices. They also have GREAT clearance sales! As well as sizes 0-24.
2. Amazon - I know online shopping for clothes can be risky but with Amazon's easy returns now to Kohls and they also have a try on program where you try things on for 7 days then return what you don't want! Not everything is eligible but it is a nice way to get to try things on before purchasing. Some of my favorites are the ballet flats mentioned in my 7 Teacher Outfit Must haves Post, and dresses and tops because sizing tends to be more forgiving on those items. Read the reviews and sizing charts before ordering. Another thing I like to order on Amazon is costumes! I love a great costume for dress up days or book character day or whatever and I find a lot of items and props on Amazon like rainbow leggings.
3. Gap Outlet/ Old Navy - I worked for Gap Company for 5 years in college and after so I might be a bit biased on this one. But they have affordable clothes with good quality. I know Gap can be more expensive so shop the outlet! It's even online now. Gap and Old Navy are great for Khakis, basic tees, and the all important Teacher Cardigan! They also have times when you can earn Old Navy or Gap Cash and if you sign up for their friends and family emails you can find out about half off sales!
4. Target - Who doesn't love Target? I mean you're there already anyway might as well shop for some teacher clothes while you are at it. My favorites from Target are basic tees, graphic tees, and shoes. Occasionally I will find a cute dress or cardigan too. I love their Knox Rose line but find it doesn't hold up as well as I would like for the price. A tip for shopping at Target is to use the app and scan things to see if they are on Cartwheel and add the savings or coupon. Also if you sign up for their red card not a credit card it is just linked to your bank account you will get 5% off every time you shop in store and online as well as getting free shipping online and being able to donate to your school.
5. Loft Outlet - Note I said outlet, loft is way out of my price range but I do find some nice things from the outlet both in person and online. They are good basics that hold up for a long time. I try and catch their sales because they are really good when they have them. I like their accessories as well. I do find that their items seem to run a little shorter like tops and I have a long torso so I tend to size up. They also give a teacher discount with your ID.
I hope this helps you with ideas of where to find teacher clothes that will last and that you can afford. Is there a store I left out that you just love? Lemme know in the comments below.


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