3 Things You Can Do This Summer to Have a GREAT School Year {That aren't necessarily school related!}

What can you do in Summer to prep for the school year?

 Unless you are like me and are teaching summer school (But that's another story). The LAST thing you probably want to think about is going back to school in the fall.
But you still do, you work on things here and there for your classroom ALL summer if you are like me, ESPECIALLY if you are changing rooms, schools, or grade levels! But if you aren't changing anything and don't have much to work on this summer and aren't taking classes, or doing a book study or one of the 100 other things teachers do on their summers "off", this post will still give you 3 things you can do this summer that will make going back to school in the fall easier! And if you have sworn not to do anything school-related for a week or month (GOOD for you we all need to recharge) you can still do these because they don't appear to be school-related!!
Meal Prep - I am a huge fan of meal prepping! I don't mean the cook once Sunday and have meals for the week (though) I do that too. I mean buying 10 pounds of hamburger and dividing it up and pre-seasoning it for tacos and spaghetti on those busy nights with lessons and games and practice or so your partner can grab it and make dinner when you are at school until 8pm for parent-teacher conferences. It's so much better for you and less expensive than eating out! You can also prep crockpot or instant pot meals. Because while the instant pot is great sometimes just figuring out what to make can be a challenge!

Image may contain: table, indoor and food

This is what 15 crockpot freezer meals and 4 bags of ground beef seasoned and ready to use and 2.5 pounds of homemade meatballs looks like! My freezer is full and I am so happy! Took about 3 hours to prep and cook and bag thanks to my momma for helping.
I am a teacher, not a chef but I do like to cook but I have some posts to share with you that I use to find meals and tips.

Put Together Outfits - You know those mornings you wake up later than you expect or the dogs get out and you have to run them down these are the mornings you want to have some pre-planned outfits that are already ironed (if you do that) and put together even jewelry if you want. 

iDesign Orbinni Steel Over-The-Door Valet Storage Hook - 1" x 7.8" x 5.1", Chrome

I use an over-the-door hanger to put together my outfits for the week so that it is one less thing I have to do in the morning because I like to get as much sleep as possible and I have 3 kids so mornings are pretty crazy. #notamoringperson I have a blog post with some teacher clothes must-haves HERE and these are great staples to put together these outfits with. So put together 3-5 emergency outfits and put them somewhere to grab when you are running late, and think about prepping your weekly outfits on the weekend.
Organize Your Spaces - I don't know about you but during the school year my housekeeping goes by the wayside. Let me be clear I am not a great housekeeper, to begin with, but it is definitely the first thing to go during the school year. My oldest son is great with helping out and cleaning he likes things clean and tidy #blesshim But when summer rolls around I like to take the time to organize and clean out all the things! These are the things I clean out and reorganize every summer:
- my closet this is a BIG one! 
- the refrigerator 
- the pantry
- my bathroom and all my makeup and hair products
I also will sometimes clean out and organize
-the storage room/unit
-the garage
- my office
This is the time to organize and declutter all the things and put organization systems into place. For example, I just reorganized and cleaned out the fridge. I bought some clear organizers for eggs and other things. The egg one is great because my kids loved hard-boiled eggs and this way they know the ones in the container are hardboiled. The other containers I keep their lunch items in like string cheese, applesauce, gogurt, etc. My hope is that it makes making lunches faster and easier for them. No more where's the applesauce or we're out of pudding when it's really they just didn't see it behind the milk.
Have a great summer teacher friends!       


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