7 Teacher Closet Must Haves

Hey so you got the job! Now what to wear every day? Don't have the job yet? Check out my Teacher Interview Clothing Tips HERE
Being a brand new teacher you probably don't have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe here are 5 teacher basics that won't go out of style anytime soon (at least I hope they won't because I'll be in trouble). And good news you can mix and match them.
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Women's Knit Cardigan Open Front Sweater Coat Long Sleeve (S, Navy Blue)
1. Cardigan - I feel like this one is a duh. I mean look up teacher wardrobe in the dictionary - does anyone use dictionaries any more? Anyway you'll find a cardigan. This doesn't have to be frumpy at all. Just a cute roomy sweater. I personally like mine to cover my bum and have pockets. I usually keep an extra one at school just in case. Throw it on over a tee, grab skirt or pants and you're good to go. Start with basics and add from there. And you can find cardigans just about everywhere!

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Stretch Denim Jacket
2. Jean Jacket - move over cardigan there's a new teacher staple in town! A cute jean jacket can hide a multitude of sins! Pair it with the maxi dress below and you're out the door in no time when you oversleep....again. This can be a bit more of an investment to start but it will last for years!

Amazon Brand - Daily Ritual Women's Lightweight Lived-In Cotton Long-Sleeve Swing T-Shirt
3. Striped Long Sleeve Shirt - Hear me out on this one. I had no idea how much I liked a black and white striped shirt until a bit into my teaching career and someone said "how many black and white striped shirts do you have?" It turns out I have several! It's a great basic that jazzes up an outfit. Throw the previously mentioned cardigan or jean jacket over it. Wear it with just about any pants or skirt! You can do different colors I just like black and white. You can do thick or thin stripes.

Lands' End Women's Sport Knit High Rise Elastic Waist Pull On Pants
4. Black pull on dress pants - the time will come when you need to be a bit more dressed up or for parent teacher conferences, an important meeting etc. Trust me on this one - pull. on. dress. pants. no really. They look great but no pinching and pulling or buttons and zippers to hassle with. Trust me after a long day of teaching and conferences or meetings afterwards you want some pants that will stretch. These are also great for super fast bathroom trips because you will need every second you can get! My favorites are from Maurices and come in different colors but I've linked some on Amazon.
5. Teacher Tee - ok this one is super fun! Your school may have a yearly staff shirt, or PTA will sell one - BUY it! Even if you think you will only be there a year. It will help you feel like part of the school and community. You might also check out The Wright Stuff Chics for non-school specific teacher shirts.

Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flat

6. Super comfy Wear All Day Flats - Now shoes is an item I generally say spend more money on quality ones and this is no exception but I also say buy a good pair of flats. The don't have to be over $100 rothys or tieks but a good pair. I have a pair of sketchers flats that are very similar to rothys and I love them and I saved a bunch. Also these specific flats from amazon are Amazing for the price! Usually under $20 and super comfy and an ok amount of support and padding for that price. Girls don't think you need to wear heels even if you are short. I wore heels all the time at the beginning of my teaching career and I can't believe how much my feet, knees, back hurt all the time now. We stand up so much of the day that we need good shoes! And heels simply aren't that good for your feet. A trick if you feel you need heels - invest in good ones and buy a pair of these to keep at school for when you can for example conferences wear these all day slip into your heels at night!

MOLERANI Women's Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets

7. Maxi Skirt/Maxi Dress - Little black dress anyone? This is definitely the teacher version of that. Super versatile wear with the above mentioned cardigan, jean jacket even the striped tee or teacher tee knotted! Throw it on with a statement necklace and go! Dress it up for parent teacher conferences and actually be comfy!

Thanks for listening to my thoughts did I leave out an essential? Lemme know in the comments!
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