Teach like FRIENDS

Hiya! Anyone who knows me or has been following any of my social media for any amount of time knows that I absolutely love the show FRIENDS. It is my all time favorite and I don't think anything will ever replace it. I can carry on a lengthy conversation using only FRIENDS quotes, if you can do the same I already like you.  I have seen shirts and such that say "live like FRIENDS" and I thought what about Teach Like Friends? So this is what I have come up with.

Plan Like Monica - Monica is a planner. She plans for every possible outcome. She has different sorts of plans. We too as teachers should have long range plans. Monthly plans and weekly plans. Do we need to be as detailed as Monica? Maybe your first couple of years until you figure it out or on sub plans. Do we need to be as rigid as Monica? Definitely not. One of the qualities that makes a good teacher is flexibility. Being able to deal with the daily changes in schedules and lessons that are bound to happen. Nothing scheduled? You're still not safe. Johnny will throw up all over the carpet during your mini lesson, or you will introduce pronoun antecedents only to find your students don't remember what pronouns are, and you've got to be able to roll with it.
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Greet like Joey - Quite possibly the most iconic line of the show is Joey's greeting. One of the most incredible changes in my classroom came when I started greeting my students every morning. I also tell them good bye at the end of the day. I get a chance to connect with each one if only those two times. I can gauge students who have had a rough morning and head it off. I can tell those who are feeling defeated after a rough day and give them hope that tomorrow is a new day.
Have fun like Phoebe - Phoebe has had a tougher life than most but she still finds the happiness in every day. She's real and kooky and sincere. That is what we should be as teachers. She sings silly songs, makes up words and gets flustered.  She's always thinking of others and helping those less fortunate but honest sometimes brutally so.
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Dress like Rachel - Ok so I say this mostly because who doesn't want Rachel's wardrobe, but she always dresses to impress. Even when she was just a waitress she looked good doing it. There's something to be said to faking it till you make it and Rachel knew that. She also knew things don't always work out the way you thought they would, but looking good makes it easier to deal with.
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Laugh like Chandler - Chandler couldn't go a day without joking about something. In our line of work it's important to not take things too seriously.  We work with kids it's hard, it's messy and we don't get paid enough to do it. If we start getting too wrapped up in all the negative it will begin to affect us personally and professionally. We've got to be able to laugh at ourselves and our profession on occasion even if it is to keep from crying!
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Care like Ross - lastly and perhaps most importantly care about your students. Care about them deeply and continuously. They are children, they are the future of our society. Care about the teaching profession, never stop looking for ways to improve your practice the way Ross never stops looking for love.
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What do you think? Should we teach like FRIENDS? Do you agree with what I came up with? What would you add?