My First Grade Classroom Reveal

Hiya! I am so excited to be teaching first grade this year! I had to completely move rooms and redo everything and this summer was so busy! I taught summer school, went to ISTE, went to Disneyland and the beach in California and went to the TPT conference! Whew!
But I think shopping at Lakeshore for my classroom was my favorite! HAHA JK!
I wanted to give you the highlights of my new first grade classroom! 
Let's start out side! This is my bulletin board outside. Our school has a construction theme this year which I don't love and used very loosely! haha! The tassels above and both borders are from the Target Dollar Spot and then I made the letters and printed on astrobrights cardstock.
Not going to lie there were a lot of nights spent cutting while watching Netflix (Friends or Gilmore Girls) or watching Harry Potter

I love how it turned out!

Then when you walk in my room and turn to the left there is this narrow bulletin board which I thought would be perfect for my birthdays display.

I take pictures of all the students who have birthdays in a given month holding up the number of the date of their birthday! They love it! I even get in the November picture!
We have experts in my room as kind of jobs or helpers they are just name badges hung on command hooks.

On these doors I have my anchor charts with a heading for each one

This is our Writing Goals Clip Chart it is in my TPT store click the picture.

This is one of my very favorite bulletin board in my classroom it is behind my guided reading table! The reading buddies are a freebie in my TPT store! Click the picture!

Our building is setting aside 45 minutes every Friday for STEAM time this year so we have a bulletin board just for that. See my series on STEM HERE

This is the area just to the left of that bulletin board that will be some of the activities that we do on those Fridays my tinker tubs books and Brooke Brown's Basic Engineering Skills

This is my organized area behind my guided reading table. We shall see how long it stays this way.

Our Math Tubs - completely out of order! Ha #reallife

We are a required to use a clip chart this is mine along with our wall of fame and behavior bingo. It actually works quite well for me.

This is one of my anchor chart areas I staple them to this after we make it to refer back to. There is also some of my writing area below. You can see another shot of the writing goals clipchart. As well as my First, Next, Then, Last signs to try to drill into my firsties to write our standard of a story with Beginning Middle End!

This is a shot of that area and our crate seats and some of my flexible seating management.

And the last part of my room is the calendar morning meeting area which isn't finished but you get the idea! You can see my number posters just a bit below it.

Here is a picture from after school started to kinda give you an idea of my front wall.

I actually ended up moving that book shelf to open the room up more.

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