Fun and Easy STEM Activity - Snow Dough

Snow Dough - another teacher at summer school made this and my own children begged to make it at home. It is super easy and so fun!

It's just 3 cups of baking soda to 1/2- 3/4 (depending on the consistency you want) of conditioner.
 I got both of those at the Dollar tree so only $2! 

Then of course my daughter wanted to add glitter which is totally optional but definitely fun! You just mix it all together and PLAY. 

It's about the consistency of moon dough and I made my kids play with it outside cause it's a bit messy! But it smells amazing. I like the conditioner I chose because it gave it a bit of a blue tint. How fun would this be to make in the classroom and send a bit home with each student?


  1. Thank you for linking up! Love the snow dough!!! Looks too fun! I'm going to have to make a big old set of those velcro sticks!!!

  2. Love the snow! And what a great idea with the Popsicle sticks, I am going to have to make some!

  3. We LOVE making the snow during science. I should make some with my kiddos, they would love it! 😃 I cant wait to see what you do next week! 😃

  4. I will definitely be making the snow dough with my daughter. She will love it!