5 Things Any Teacher MUST Have for the Classroom

If you are a new teacher or even if you've been teaching for a bit you are sure to find something on this list to add to your amazon cart and make your teacher heart happy!  These are MY must have teaching tools. I use these products weekly if not daily in my classroom. They are worth whatever the cost!  I have included my affiliate links to Amazon, so they resources are easy to add to your cart!  These are great for just about ANY teacher though they are definitely geared towards K-6!

1. Flair Pens - one of my teaching partners inquired about my large assortment of flairs at our first planning day and I was shocked that no one had introduced her to Flairs! This perfect blend of pen and marker is every teacher's new BFF.  They come in every color you could ever want and a package usually lasts me all year with planning, grading and notes!  My mother had me addicted to these at a young age. They are the pens she uses in her HS classroom!
2. Dry Erase Boards - I could NOT teach without individual whiteboards for each of my students! I use them all the time for math, spelling, grammar, writing, sight words I could go on and on! Buying a little bit nicer ones to start out will save you time and frustration in the long run! My first year of teaching I bought the shower board and ended up buying nice ones the next year!!!
3. Post-it Chart Paper - I will admit this is a LUXURY for me as it is for most! I use my PTA money for this most years and am never sorry! I love being able to take my anchor charts and stick them just about anywhere! I also love this one with the easel!  When I present for our building or district I can take it with me to use!
4. Reusable Dry Erase Pockets - I love these so much! Invest in these and you will never run out of copies again!  I love using these for Work on Writing and Math Rotations. With the different colors you can also color code your groups for easy differentiation!
5. Crayola Power Lines Markers - Can I let you in on a little secret? I don't love Mr. Sketch Chart Markers! GASP! It's true! I have always struggled to get my anchor charts to look as good as I wanted until I was subbing and the teacher had these Crayola Power Lines Makers! OH MY GOSH! I love them!  And the black? No more stinky licorice, welcome Crispy Marshmallow!  Welcome to anchor chart happiness!

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