Word Work Activities for Kindergarten First and Second

Hiya! I don't know about you but while I LOVE word work it is ALWAYS my most difficult area of literacy stations/Daily 5 rotations to organize, manage, come up with new ideas. I am here to share Super fun and engaging word work ideas with you today as well as some organization ideas that will have you loving word work!  Instead of searching late Sunday night for "something" to throw in the word work station.  Or having to listen to the kids say "writing our words 5 times each is so boring" because you don't have anything for word work.  Or "rainbow write again?" because you only have that one activity your colleague shared with you. 

My word work consists of 3 main skill concepts. Practicing spelling words, practicing sight words, and reviewing/practicing/noticing spelling patterns.
But keeping it fresh and new can be a challenge!!
I like to give students a choice when choosing what activity to do during word work. I usually introduce 3 or 4 of the easiest ones the first week of school, one a day as we are practicing Word Work as a whole group. I then change out the ones that are skill specific each week, and add new ones and put away older ones to keep things fresh! There are some that never see the light of day some years, you know when you have THAT class?!?!?
But let's focus on the positive! I am positive that you will like at least ONE of these word work activities!
How many?
In this activity students write their word list and count how many vowels and consonants there are. This is great practice for focusing on vowel patterns with out students even realizing it! This is included in my Word Work for any list Activities

Rainbow Write Option 1 - sight words students trace each letter in rainbow order practicing their sight words. This is available individually in my store by clicking on the title.

Rainbow Write Option 2 - this is part of my Word Work for Any List activities. Students write all of their words in the red band in red, and so on.

10 Frame Words
Combine math and your word list! Students write their list and count how many letters and then fill in the ten frame, accordingly. This is included in my Word Work Activities for any list.

Words Sort - the students write each word in the box that corresponds with how many letters it has. Another one including a bit of math! This is another activity included in my Word Work Activities for any list.

ABC Order - great activity for any list which includes an alphabet line ON the paper!

Add it up! More math and words! In this activity students write their list, then write how much each letter is worth and add it up and write the total in the oval.

My Word Work Activities for any list also includes labels for drawers or containers!!!

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Word Work Activities


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