2016-2017 Room Reveal

Hiya! BEWARE! SUPER PHOTO HEAVY POST! My room is ready to go! I have spent so many hours working on it! I am super happy with the way that it turned out. I am teaching 6th grade ELA, Science and SS this year in an elementary setting. Being a lower primary person I had to work really hard not to make it too *cute*.
My room is done in black and white polka-dots and chevron with color accents.
It is the same as when I taught before.
The building is pretty old and there is a LOT of wood and really ugly floors! I can't paint so I had to make due! #reallife #notallteachersteachinabrandnewbuilding
This is my door with my Ribbon Curtain!
From corner opposite the door looking back towards the door.
Now lets go around the room starting at the door.
Shelves to the right of the door as you come in.

My ELA Focus Wall

My district uses Wonders but I have the freedom to pick and choose as long as I stay with our scope and sequence. My focus wall helps keep me on track and allows parents, administration anyone who walks in my room to know what our current focus is in ELA which is pretty important since I teach 2 sections of Spelling, Grammar and Reading. I switch with a partner across the hall and she teaches my students Math. We do our own Writing, Social Studies and Science.
The polka-dot and chevron border is Teacher Created Resources that you can get HERE. And the rainbow chevron herringbone is from Creative Teaching Press and you can get it HERE. It was the closest I could find to match my rainbow colors. The purple is really off but I'm trying to deal!

Writing Area and Shelves

Our writing goals clip chart is here and Punctuation Posters which I printed 2 to a page and Sentence Posters using the Big Kid Language from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Non-magnetic white board

The voice levels are in my store HERE for FREE!!!!

This has my noise levels and calendar. I created my calendar myself to match. I made it in Photoshop and had it printed poster size at Office Depot.
Science Focus Wall
Since I taught Science for 5 years in 4th it's pretty close to my heart almost as close as ELA! On this board I put my Scientific Method Posters and What Do Scientists Do from my Teachers Pay Teachers store along with space for anchor charts to go along with our current subject.
Magnetic Whiteboard where my Doc Camera Projects

On this board I used THIS magnetic border and we have our Questions Chart on the right side which always shows even in projector screen is down. I HATE don't care for answering the same questions about assignments after I have given directions so I created this to magically solve the problem! Ok so not really but it does help A LOT! On the far right is our schedule and it also has my homework club. Otherwise this board is pretty blank - it's the one I use to write on so I need the blank space.
Social Studies Focus Wall

Our 6th grade Social Studies curriculum is World Geography. I divided this bulletin board into six sections for the continents we study (sorry Antartica). It has a map, the name, and landmarks which is part how we teach our units. The students will add dots/pins to the maps and facts as the year progresses. I think it will be neat to see it grow!

Built in Shelves and Windows

Library/Reading Nook

See the tutorial to make the READ marquee letters from a Monday Made it HERE.

Similar chair available HERE from Amazon (affiliate link)

This is my FAVORITE area in my room! As it should be right?
I have my Genre Posters up for reference and my Reading Strategies Posters.

Student Coat Hooks
Above the area is a narrow long bulletin board perfect for my cursive alphabet line! Alphabet line, border and the I put some of the lyrics to our class theme song "The Greatest" on the wall and more border above it.  
I hope this post has given you some ideas for your classroom and that yo have a GREAT year!

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