How to make Marquee Letters to Match Your Classroom!

Hiya! Today I am going to show you how to decorate the marquee letters to match your classroom!

Since I first saw these marquee letters I knew if I went back to teaching I wanted to make some for my classroom library spelling out READ.
So I scoured my craft stores and they just happened to have the older style of Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters and some of the washi tape on clearance! 
I came home and found 4 pieces of cardstock that matched my room colors. I always try to use supplies from my craft room before I buy more - it eases the guilt of the amount of stuff up there not being used!

First I traced the letters with the templates they provide. I also made small x's where each light will go.

Then cut them all out.

Then put them inside the letters. Oh by the way I first wrapped each letter in the Heidi Swap washi tape. It was a challenge but I love the look. It would be MUCH easier to paint them!

I then cut slits with a craft knife on each little x I had previously made to make putting the bulbs in easier. It helped but was still tough to get them to go through. My 12 year old was forced to help me! He was good at it, and only complained a little.

Then I stuck the lights into each bulb carefully, the R was a little tricky to get them to fit. Make sure you use the right  set of lights with the corresponding letter!

And voila! There you have it! An amazing set of personalized marquee lights to match my classroom...that I can't get in...which is why these are on my front room floor and not my classroom library!

Here's another view of them! Check back for my classroom reveal to see them IN my classroom library where they belong!

That's all for today folks!

You can grab these marquee letters at craft stores or Amazon by clicking the picture which is an affiliate link below: