How to Customize your Teacher Lightbox

Have ya'll seen the lightbox epidemic on Instagram? I was hesitant at first ... but then it was on sale for half off at Michael's and I got an additional 15% off with my teacher discount. How could I resist? I knew all along that if I got one I would have to customize it! Enter my projects for Monday Made it!  To order a lightbox from Amazon click the picture below. (affiliate link)

So first up I decided to paint my lightbox. I just masked it off and used leftover paint from last week's Teacher Toolbox.

 Quick and easy project and makes my lightbox unique! 

You could also use washi tape - they have large washi at Hobby Lobby, and Michael's  or duct tape around the edge!

So the whole reason I wanted to get a lightbox was to create my own sayings to go in it! I DID buy some letters and even the divider for smaller letters but I really wanted to create my own!
I used the "lightbox" to measure to create a template and went to town!!!! I am having so much fun making my own designs!

First up my TPT store logo!
How cool is that? Neat to have in the background if I ever work up the courage to do Periscopes or Facebook live!
Then Happy Birthday! I can use the individual letters I bought when I purchased the lightbox to put student names in the bottom!

And next, Welcome to ENTER YOUR GRADE HERE.
Yes folks I will be in Sixth grade this year (still coming to grips with that)! But how neat is that!?!?

I plan on creating some holiday ones and others as I come up with ideas and time!
How would you like the Happy Birthday and Welcome to ________Grade for FREE?!?!?
Just click on the picture below or HERE to grab them from my TPT store. Please if you download leave me some feedback - it motivates me to make more freebies!

That's all folks! I have been working on book basket labels and name plates and a super awesome project made possible by Target Teachers from all over who follow me on Instagram!!! Stay tuned for more projects!


  1. This is so neat! I love it. I like the idea of "highlighting" the students' birthdays!
    -Fairway to Fourth Grade

  2. What a wonderful idea... spotlighting student birthdays!

  3. I got one of these, and I am so excited to use it this year! I LOVE this idea of highlighting birthdays! Super cute! :)

  4. Thanks for the light box freebie!! Love it!

  5. Thank you for sharing the "Welcome to ___ grade" and the "birthday" light box signs with everyone. I can't wait to use them!

  6. Thanks for your post! I love my lightbox but wish I purchased transparencies instead of vellum (I went the cheap route!). Everything looks great! Pam from PJ Jots!

  7. I was all set to start making slides and my printer went kaput! Love your designs!

  8. I am loving all of the different and creative lightbox ideas I am seeing. I am going to have to break down and buy one. You ideas are so cute! Thanks for sharing them. Have a HAPPY week!

  9. The light box is so fun to play with isn't it? The designs you created are so cute!

  10. How great! I love these light boxes. I'll be teaching 6th grade this year too so I'm excited to stop by your page and see what's going on:) I created tire seats for my classroom this week - who says flexible seating can't be at the middle school level?

  11. I think almost everyone has gotten the lightbox I bought the glittery tape that they sold along with it to put around it but have been too scared to add it. Thank you for linking up and so sweet of you to add a freebie!