Low Prep STEM Building Brick Activities

Hiya! I am smack dab in the middle of teaching summer school to kiddos who just finished first grade. My class is Building Skills and it is all focused around those little building bricks that rhyme with EGOS.

When I signed up to teach summer school I already had the building bricks in mind and this age level is perfect for them! They have loved every minute of it!

Of course we are practicing reading and math skills with our building bricks but on the last day of the week we have a STEM challenge!!!
Here are some pictures of the Build a Boat STEM Challenge!

I love how this group gave their Brick Guy a flag!

Find bulding bricks at garage sales or clicking the picture below to be taken to Amazon to order! (affiliate link)

I love how this little one made her Building Brick into a GIRL! I just love kids!

This group had some GRAND plans for their boat!

This building brick activity was they rolled the dice(or two and add)and they got to add that many bricks from a pile on the center of their table to their building until all the bricks were gone they then shared their creations.  To get these great foam dice that I use ALL the time click the picture below (affiliate link)

This was a fun activity I found online and the students started with a stack of bricks and had to add or subtract according to what they landed on.

We also practiced adding and subtracting with a building brick number line. I find students aren't comfortable with number lines and so I try to add them in as often as possible! They were all about trying out THIS number line!

This is one of the teams Build a Bridge STEM challenge - they all decided this was their FAVORITE challenge! They loved it and spent a LONG time designing and updating their bridges!

WE threw in some building brick writing prompts!

And sight word building activities!

This has been one of my favorite summer school sessions that I have ever taught!  If you want to purchase these large building blocks click on the picture below (affiliate link)

The 4 STEM challenges we did can be found in my Building Brick STEM set.

There are 4 challenges.

Build a bridge and boat which are pictured above.

 And build a maze and car! The students loved them ALL!

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