5 Activities for the End of the School Year

Today I have 5 ideas for the End of the School Year! Some are for students, some for volunteers! All are fun!

First up to keep your lil darlings busy
End of the Year Memory Books!
My students LOVE these and so do their parents. Get it now for the end of this year then work on them throughout the year next year and save a few page for the end of the year.

These memory books include
Cover Page options for Kindergarten, First, and Second
First and Last Day
My Teacher

Other Teachers
All About Me'
Pumpkin Patch
Halloween and Fall Party
Winter and Christmas Party
Polar Express
Valentine's Day
Field Trip

Trip to the Zoo
Field Day
Class Pet
Look How Much I Learned
and Autographs

A tip about the autograph page - have each teacher sign THEN copy. I do the same for the student autograph page. 

Next up awards,
We give out state awards, building awards, grade level awards and then I give out my own classroom awards.
I do this so that every student gets an award.

There is a recording sheet that students can vote or you can record who receives which award.

My students and their parents love these awards! When I was switched from Kindergarten to 4th grade I had 4th graders who remembered them and even got the same one again in 4th!!!! They loved that!

This Year Rocked treats
This will be on their desk when they come in, first thing in the morning!

This I will hand them as they walk out the door!

Goldfish treats to announce that they are O'Fish"ally 5th graders!

I got this idea from, The Learning Tree

And this is for my parents who helped out this year, usually I do a fun hand soap but I had the most amazing helpful parents this year and SO many that I had to downsize to hand sanitizer!

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