4 Things I {Love} for Word Work

This month's theme is things I love so I am going to share some things I love for Word Work! I love all things ELA and word work is one of my favorites. There are so many fun ways to practice words!
Red and Blue Letter Magnets - I love these to reinforce vowels and consonants! The idea that every word has to have a vowel! Click the picture to purchase on Amazon (affiliate link)
Letter stamps! My kindergarteners LOVED stamping their sight words! These can be used with any word list and are so much fun! Be sure to use washable ink! You can also use different  colors and have them focus on different skills! Blends, digraphs vowels the possibilities are endless! Click the picture below to purchase on Amazon (affiliate link).
Letter tiles! These can be used with any word list! Students build the words and they can be used over and over again!  To purchase click the picture below. (affiliate link)
I just got these foam Letter Dice and I can't wait to use them! There are so many possibilities and they are all so fun! Click the link below to purchase  from Amazon (affiliate link)
For a simple low prep activity students can toss the dice and then make words with the letters that land face up.

I love that all of these are super fun, engaging activities that are relatively inexpensive and can be used with pretty much any word list with little to no prep. I hope you found some new products to make your word work more fun! Do yo have any of these? How do you use them?

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