Teaching About Leap Year

Hiya! How have ya'll been? I am super great! I am loving my current long term assignment in first grade at Skaith Elementary. It is a Leader in Me School which is based on Stephen Covey's 7 Habits for Highly effective people. I absolutely love it! I wish my kids were within the boundaries for Skaith simply because I love the Leader In Me Concept so much! More about that another time though today I want to share with you activities for LEAP DAY! We started studying Leap Day, yesterday so we are ready for Monday! First we read about Leap Day and answered comprehension questions from my Leapin For Leap Day Pack.
Then we filled in a calendar and figured out what day of the week fell on this year.

Then I had an early finisher try out one of the writing prompts for work on Writing next week. They are to write what they would like to do with a Whole Extra Day! This is one of two writing prompts. There is also a In 4 Years I will...

Another early finisher tried out the Leap Year Making Words which will be in Word Work next week.

Monday we are going to do the special Leap Year Song on Go Noodle! And an activity that tracks all the years that are leap! I hope this gives you some ideas for Monday! Have a great weekend!

Oh and check my store Monday for a lil surprise sale!

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