100th Day of School Ideas and Shirt tutorial

Hiya! Hip hip, hooray the 100th day of school! The 100th day of school is always so much fun! I wanted to share with you my new 100th day pack AND a tutorial on how to make a custom shirt using that new Silhouette cameo you got for Christmas!!! The tutorial is from my other blog from several years ago but so many teachers I know are jumping on the cameo band wagon I wanted to share it here along with my 100th day pack!
We did different exercises throughout the day which ere great brain breaks!

During Math one of the stations was this count by tens cut and glue activity.

Another Math Station activity was this 100 penny roll! The kids LOVED it! They were having so much fun but I forgot to snap a picture!

During Work on Writing today the kids could choose this If I had $100 writing prompt and most of them did!

I wanted to make these crowns but we had JPED today and with the extra specials there just wasn't enough time!

All of these activities and more are in my 100th day pack which is Common Core Aligned and in my TPT store HERE.

Now for the tutorial to make your own 100th day shirt using your silhouette cameo!!
I orginally posted this on my crafting blog 2 years ago but wanted to share it here!

First step is to create what you want to cut in the Silhouette Design Software.
This is very easy. For this shirt I simply typed what I wanted then chose the font.
You must be sure to mirror the image ESPECIALLY with text.
 Then double check your settings. It is essential to have the right settings so you cut through the HTV but NOT the clear plastic sheet.
Then you will select CUT, let the machine do it's thing and end up with this.
You will then want to peel the excess HTV away from your letters - this is pretty easy - much easier than regular vinyl!
Here I am almost done weeding I just need to get the center of the letters. Then you will peel the plastic sheet with the HTV off of your cutting mat.

You will then center it on your shirt (I chose purple surprise, surprise!)
 I like to put a shirt form inside my shirt for added structure. They are like $1 at Hobby Lobby!
You will hold a hot iron (no steam) on each section for about 30 seconds or refer to manufacturer instructions on your HTV. Then slowly peel away the plastic sheet - if any vinyl sticks carefully lay back down and iron again.
After removing the plastic sheet I like to go over the whole thing one more time with the iron.
There you have it! A custom 100th Day Shirt!


Martin Luther King Jr. Activities

I hope you get Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and are looking forward to a 3 day weekend today!!! If not I have a great activity pack to share with you to fill the day on Monday! All of the activities are centered around Martin's Big Words which is a great book for the holiday. You can even find it read aloud online HERE if you don't have the book. Get the Reader Response Pack HERE.

First we filled out this graphic organizer similar to a KWL. It has What I think I know, What I want to know and confirmed or learned. There is a regular KWL as well included in the pack!

There is a sequencing activity that the kids really enjoyed.

Then we wrote words to describe Martin Luther King Jr. which ended up leading to a very interesting discussion about racism as someone said "black" and another student claimed that was racist. 
The students then studied the words segregation and equality using these vocabulary sheets. There are open ended sheets to use with your own vocabulary words included in the pack too!

And of course we HAD to have a "I have a dream" writing prompt! There were some very good discussions today and I really hope the students took something away from this lesson!

This pack is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.