Strategies for Teaching Questioning

Hiya!!!! I am so super, duper excited to be sharing a GREAT book with you today!

This month for Ask and Answer Questions I am using the book The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg. I am pretty much a HUGE Chris Van Allsburg fan and love most everything he writes!

But the Stranger? AMAZING book!

If you haven't read it you NEED to - like right now! Because I am not going to give it away! But the story is about a peculiar "stranger" that comes to stay with a family on a farm. He doesn't speak and has some very odd things about him. Then one day he remembers who he is and has to leave the farm. This book takes place in late Autumn so you have plenty of time to read it this fall!
I can totally see using this book for upper grades with questioning and inferring but it will work for younger grades too with support. In fact it is a Touch tone text for the district I work in for Second Grade.
To start off I would have the students ask questions before reading this book based just on the cover, while reading and then after you are done reading. They can write these on sticky notes and then you can make a class chart from them or use this sheet from my The Stranger Reader Response Set.

Another strategy I use with this book is using questions to deepen understanding!
After reading the book through once go back through the book and choose a passage and or picture that is vague and have the students write questions about it that they can discuss to deepen meaning. There is also a sheet for that in the pack!

There are several other skills included in the pack including Story Recall, Characterization, Inferring with text evidence as well as Vocabulary Cards.
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Just click on the picture below to go to the pack listing in my store!

And because you all are so awesome I also created a freebie for the skill of Questioning!

It includes a Questions poster.

Fun Question Dice Activity - perfect for centers or small groups! Students read a story then roll the dice and answer the question that matches the number they roll.

And a printable where students can practice asking and OR answering questions!

Click on any of the pictures above to go to my store and download it NOW! Just please leave me some feedback if you do!


  1. Tess! I LOVE this book! The Stranger makes me want to go and burn my pumpkin spice candle and wear a sweater!! :)

    AND YOUR FREEBIES?!?!? Holy cow! AMAZING! I love your post and YOU!

    Primary Polka Dots

  2. Great book! Isn't Chris Van Allsburg the best! My first graders flipped when I read them Jumanji and Zathura. I'm excited for this new monthly linky party. Great idea!