Quick and Easy Classroom Decor

I always tell my students, kids, to get better at anything you have to Practice, Practice, Practice, so I loved this idea I saw on Pinterest for my Book Nook/Reading Area. It was super easy to make. I created it in Word, printed it off trimmed it down matted on Chevron scrapbook paper and laminated!

Next up is a Re-Do! I made these table signs two summers ago and I love love love them! A scrappy friend and I both made the same kind the same summer after I saw them on a CHA post from MME. They are giant Rosettes! I am really hoping with my re-do they last one more year cause they are a pain in the *you know what* to make!

I created the new centers in Photoshop, but you could definitely do the same in power point. printed off two copies, cut them out, glued them over the old centers and boom! New table signs added color and chevron to go with my updated theme!

Here is one hanging - it kept spinning so picture is blurry!

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  1. My fire marshall made me take down my table signs this year:((( I've had them for 8 years - I mean if the building is on fire, are my little table signs going to make it explode? Nope.

    I love your table signs!!! So cute - kind of retro.