Quick and Easy Classroom Decor

I always tell my students, kids, to get better at anything you have to Practice, Practice, Practice, so I loved this idea I saw on Pinterest for my Book Nook/Reading Area. It was super easy to make. I created it in Word, printed it off trimmed it down matted on Chevron scrapbook paper and laminated!

Next up is a Re-Do! I made these table signs two summers ago and I love love love them! A scrappy friend and I both made the same kind the same summer after I saw them on a CHA post from MME. They are giant Rosettes! I am really hoping with my re-do they last one more year cause they are a pain in the *you know what* to make!

I created the new centers in Photoshop, but you could definitely do the same in power point. printed off two copies, cut them out, glued them over the old centers and boom! New table signs added color and chevron to go with my updated theme!

Here is one hanging - it kept spinning so picture is blurry!


5 Read Alouds for 4th Grade

I love love love reading to my kiddos! Mentor text, chapter books, whatever the case may be! For this linky it looks like its more longer chapter books suited to grade levels So I will try to stick with that!

First up - The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn

A colleague introduced this book to me and it HAS to be done as a read-a-loud! Ok well not really but it should be! It's go a surprise ending! Lissa and her father move to a new town for her father to write his book while being caretaker of "the Old Willis Place". Lissa longs for a friend in this new place and Diana hasn't had a friend in so long! She and her brother Georgie have been at the old Willis place for as long as they can remember and have a set of rules they must follow! Dianna must break the rules to be friend with Lissa, once she does, everything changes! Great fall read-a-loud! Leads kiddos to read other Hahn books!

Next up the Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

This is a lower level book but the dialect and subject matter make it  great for my 4th graders. It is a story about a Polish girl named Wanda. It is about bullying and standing by and watching bullying. It is a very poignant read excellent for students 3rd grade and up to get across the message that standing by while bullying takes place is nearly as bad as bullying itself.

Third - Holes by Louis Sachar

This is a GREAT boy book! It is also a very fun read-a-loud. It is a little higher level with it's twist of three stories woven together! Stanley Yelnats the 3rd is cursed because of his cursed no-good-pig stealing great great grandfather and is sent to Camp Greenlake due to being a victim of wrong place wrong time. There is no green and no lake at Camp Greenlake. There the boys dig holes looking for...well they don't know they are just to dig holes to improve their character! Great book!

Fourth - Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

This is a tale of the fountain of youth and everlasting life. Winnie discovers it and the family that drank from it. Will she reveal their secret? Will she drink from the fountain?
Higher level probably end of 5th grade.

The Sisters Grimm Fairytale Detectives Book #1

This is a fun, exciting read aloud! What if every Fairy tale you heard growing up was real? What if all those creatures really existed but were kept in one little town away from the normal world? Sisters Daphne and Sabrina Grimm are mysteriously abandoned by their parents they end up in Ferryport Landing with their Granny Relda who is a Fairy-tale Detective and introduces them to the interesting characters called EverAfters who inhabit the town.


NGSS Standards and How to Use Them

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are K–12 science content standards. Standards set the expectations for what students should know and be able to do. The NGSS were developed by states to improve science education for all students.

However I know self contained classroom teachers don't always have time to dive into new standards especially when ELA and Math are being tested. So I created checklists for you to be able to look at and in a glance see if you are getting the standards in.

They are also great for Content Integration - you can see the topics and quickly find books and resources to use in other subjects like Math and Reading to "fit in" more!

As you can see above the have the standard, a space for date taught, assessed and notes. I made one for every grade K-5 and there is even a bundle for your whole building. 

HERE is the link to the bundle and from there you can choose just one grade level!

Since I teach 4th grade I also created I cans for 4th grade. So I can just flip to the standard for the week or day. Click the picture below to go to those in my TPT store.

For more info on the standards check out the website HERE

Let me know if you have any questions!


How to Integrate SS Content into ELA

One of the kiddos favorite projects is always famous Missourians! I always end the year in Social Studies with this! We have done Wax Museum, Bottle Buddies, Paper Doll Books and this year Cut Out Posters! They researched a famous Missourian using note cards with questions provided. There are 10 note cards each with a topic on the back that they write the source and info on we collaborate with the Library for this (it is similar to my Scientist Collage project). They then created a poster leaving an oval where the face goes blank. They cut out the oval and stick their face in it :) to read their biography!

Here is a group picture after presenting!